Created Oct 02, 2008

A. Macarthur

Digital Artist/Photographer, Author more

Retired newspaper editor; author, professional photographer specializing in outdoor subjects and digital art; I have been the representative of individuals facing various adverse actions, been involved in contract negotiations, enforcement and arbitrations.

I've published four books and many photographs and have degrees in biology and art history/fine arts.

I have found a significant number of "human beings" to be "heartless" - and find two pieces of music that best express this - "The Reason Why" (Vince Gill) and "Easy to be Hard" (Three Dog Night).

Should you ever encounter a dude standing in a mountain stream, a fly rod in one hand, a camera in the other, say "hi," it could be me.

I like it here on Newsvine - I have met quite a few "human beings" who mean the things they say, are willing to share their knowledge and experiences and to whom, if the opportunity arose, I would travel many, many miles ... to meet them in person and offer my friendship.

A. Macarthur